How to People Watch

People watching is an art in some cultures. In old cities like Paris, flâneurs (the French word for someone who strolls or lounges) used to explore the urban landscape at a slow and leisurely pace. Some people watch others for artistic inspiration, while others simply do it for pleasure. Whatever your reasons for people watching, […]

How to Enjoy a Festival

Music and art festivals are fun and exciting events where you can listen to your favorite bands, enjoy food, and appreciate work from artists. If you’re planning to go to a festival, it’s important to plan your trip carefully to ensure that you’re safe and have a good time. When it comes to packing for […]

How to Make a Shadow Box

A shadow box is a craft device akin to a “deep frame” that is used for displaying three dimensional images or items. The craft probably originated centuries ago, whenever leisure time allowed for the assemblage of mementos. It was also used for sailors and army personnel to display their badges, medals and other service reminders.The […]

How to Be Talented in Multiple Areas

Setting out to increase your talents and abilities in multiple disciplines is an audacious endeavor. It’s also very feasible to accomplish. In fact, it’s far easier to become talented in multiple areas than you may expect. Practicing the skills you wish to improve upon, maintaining a positive mindset, and broadening your base of interest and […]

How to Determine a Film’s Genre

Have you ever started watching a good movie and absentmindedly wondered what genre (or category) it belonged to? Or you’re trying to figure out your favorite genre of movie and realized you don’t even know the genre of your favorite film? This article will guide you through the steps of determining a film’s genre. Method1Drama […]